International Innovation Issue 201 2016


International Innovation

– Issue 201, 2016 : CONQUERING THE WORLD’S most infectious and deadliest killers is no easy task. It is a challenge that requires constant vigilance and boundless optimism and hope from the brightest minds across the policy and research landscape. In this issue of International Innovation, we showcase exciting scientific developments happening in the fight against infectious diseases, and we highlight the extraordinary efforts of those working to end the grip these lethal adversaries hold on the world’s most powerless.

– Issue 200, 2016 : THE PAST 200 years have witnessed astounding scientific innovation, shaping the world in which we live today. What would many of our societies look like without internet or antibiotics? The men and women who dedicated their lives to addressing the grand challenges of their day – when technology, resources and international collaboration were far more scarce – have enabled researchers in the present day to break new ground.

– Issue 199, 2016 : DELVING DEEP INTO Horizon 2020’s multifaceted issues and exploring potential ways to surmount them, this edition of International Innovation probes the minds of high-level stakeholders. Additionally, we celebrate the programme’s successes by showcasing the amazing work of Horizon 2020-funded researchers – without which the longer-term vision of a more robust Europe would not be possible.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News – August 2016

Down To Earth – 16 September 2016

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