Music Teacher – August 2015



– Music Teacher – August 2015


Haythornthwaite, Caroline; Andrews, Richard N.L.
E-learning Theory and Practice

In E-learning Theory and Practice the authors set out different perspectives on e-learning. The book deals with the social implications of e-learning, its transformative effects, and the social and technical interplay that
supports and directs e-learning.
The authors present new perspectives on the subject by:
– exploring the way teaching and learning are changing with the presence of the Internet and participatory media
– providing a theoretical grounding in new learning practices from education, communication and information science
– addressing e-learning in terms of existing learning theories, emerging online learning theories, new literacies, social networks, social worlds, community and virtual communities, and online resources
– emphasising the impact of everyday electronic practices on learning, literacy and the classroom, locally and globally.
This book is for everyone involved in e-learning. Teachers and educators will gain an understanding of new learning practices, and learners will gain a sense of their new role as active participants in classroom and lifelong learning. Graduate students and researchers will gain insight into the direction of research in this new and exciting area of education and the Internet.

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