– The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh – November 2015

– EETimes Europe – December 2015

– EDN EUROPE – December 2015

Design Ideas : Software PLL syncs to line using moving-average filter – Isolated USB-to-UART converter builds in 20 minutes for $20
What’s different for Linux programmers – Undo Software -Push the UVM start button then hit the accelerator – Part 2 – FPGA Consultant -Understanding how a new FPGA architecture delivers throughput performance improvements – Altera -Taking TransferJet beyond the consumer – Icoteq -Energy is everywhere – and now it can be harvested easily – Analog Devices -Don’t get caught out by changing energy efficiency regulations – CUI
Analog Tips : Low-power ambient light sensing LED driver, with hibernate mode – Analog Devices
EDN Comment : Exabytes need Gigawatts?
Embedded Systems : -Using Micro Python for real-time software development
Pulse : Low-level security IP for SoCs; Smallest Raspberry Pi ever, for embedded designs; “Smarteverything”, Arduino-format development board for IoT; Imagination adds an IoT kit around MIPS-based board; MCUs mix 8051 core and accurate analogue; GPU computing promoted; Quantum computing research reported
Product Roundup : BLDC motor control MCU with pre-driver; 5W transmitter IC for wireless power; RF switch presents constant impedance; 1MB flash on low-power PICs; Code analysis with functional code IDE, for ARM; Paper-thin 5 mF capacitor; Class-H audio amp; 24-bit signal chain for industrial
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– Eureka Magazine – December 2015

Eureka’s unique blend of innovation, technology stories and engineering applications makes it the magazine of choice for design engineers. It covers the latest design components and techniques – from 3D software to the latest materials – in industries ranging from automotive to medical. As a magazine of ideas, it inspires engineers to improve their own designs.

– Architect, Builder, Contractor & Developer – December 2015

ABC&D was offering the latest information on related products, services, news and technology within the building industry. Today, the magazine has taken a more “feature-led” approach which includes in-depth articles, current hot topics, features, case studies and industry comment as well as showcasing the wide range of new and in-situ product information.

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