The 21 Biggest Sex Lies A Humorous Look at the .

The 21 Biggest Sex Lies: A Humorous Look at the Lies Men and Women Tell Their Partners in Bed

Dominate Him With Sex Lies

“The 21 Biggest Sex Lies” takes an irreverent and humorous look at the lies we choose to believe about one another in the interest of domestic tranquility and marital bliss. While the contents of this book do not contain any graphic depictions of sex or photos, its theme makes it suitable for adult readers only.

Nothing in all the universe of human relations comes close to the emotional highs and lows we experience in sex-which virtually guarantees the survival of the species while simultaneously lining the pockets of every divorce lawyer in the country.

So, if you’ve ever been lied to in bed, or stretched the truth in the interest of keeping your lover blissfully ignorant of the truth, this book is for you.

Click the book cover above to review the Table of Contents. “The 21 Biggest Sex Lies” is available for instant download on your Kindle Fire, Kindle for PC, and mobile devices using available Kindle apps. Lending is also authorized for sharing with your friends.

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