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  1. Эльвира Якубова
    Эльвира Якубова


  2. Xores Potac
    Xores Potac

    Thank you very much. please upload 14 july version also.

  3. Jacob Drummond
    Jacob Drummond

    Thanks for posting! Do you have UK Edition (with extra “Britain” articles)?

  4. Alxe Ron
    Alxe Ron

    thank you for your shareing

  5. Thet-Swe Aye
    Thet-Swe Aye

    thank a lot.

  6. Libor Smolik
    Libor Smolik

    It’s been a time!

  7. Ahmad Ramesh
    Ahmad Ramesh

    thanks for sharing and all ur efforts

  8. Abdel Wahed
    Abdel Wahed

    thank you, then do you have the next one?

  9. Seif Hammouda
    Seif Hammouda

    THANKS , for your efforts to share knowledge and information I am grateful for the amount of time and effort you put into this helping us.

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