The floor of heaven
Howard Blum

Ah, the Gold Rush. Blum’s book tells an absolutely fascinating tale from the Klondike era, exploring the frontier and the Klondicitis-induced dreams of the thousands that rushed northward to snag a piece of the gold rush from the Yukon. The Floor of Heaven follows the tales of three men: Charlie Siringo, a sharp-shooting cowboy who becomes one of the top Pinkerton Detectives; George Carmack, a California-born Marine adopted by an Indian tribe who makes the discovery that starts the Gold Rush; and Soapy Smith, a conman at the head of a vast criminal empire who preys on newcomers. At the heart of the story is a mystery—just who stole a fortune in gold bars from the Treadwell Mine in Alaska? The book is both a fascinating look into the Yukon Gold Rush and an extremely compelling, true-life whodunnit.

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