The House by the Sea-Patricia Aspinall

Patricia Aspinall

Carl and Linda fell in love at the university. Despite they were very different people, they got married at once after graduation. Carl has always been a very purposeful person. As a student, he studied diligently and was one of the best, so immediately after graduation, he easily found a paying job, and industriously started perform his duties. But Linda liked to have fun and relax, as the endless parties were before married so they continued after it. Carl more and more get into the work, and Linda more and more liked a vacation. Another attempt to make Carl to spend more time with her, but not with his work was buying a house by the sea, where they could spend their weekends together. When Carl finally was able to break out of the endless tasks at work, he is going to his house by the sea and waiting for Linda there, but she is not come…

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