The Teacher’s Magazine 2015 №73 October


– The Teacher’s Magazine – №73 October

Welcome to our Halloween Issue! Here, you will find activities to scare – sorry- to teach your students on the topic of Horror and Halloween.
For very young learners, there is a story about a group of monsters who get scared; while for young learners, you will find Friendly Ghosts to practise have got and descriptions, as well as a story called The Haunted Class.
There are many games to play and learn in the classroom: finding the differences between two pictures, a crossword puzzle, puzzle games, and many more.
For teenagers and adults, you will find scary short films and horror stories to work on vocabulary and also on grammar.
Last but not least, you will find activities to celebrate Family Day in the Kindergarten and Primary School classroom, the second part of Alternatives in Assessment, ICT, and an article on Classroom Organization in the new section Teaching English in the Kindergarten.

– The Teacher’s Magazine • Number 72/132

– The Teacher’s Magazine • Number 71/131

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