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Tourism Management in Warm-water Island Destinations by Michelle McLeod, Robertico Croes
Global Climate Change and Coastal Tourism: Recognizing Problems, Managing Solutions, Future Expectations by Andrew Jones, Michael Phillips
The Many Voices of Pilgrimage and Reconciliation by Ian S. McIntosh, L. D. Harman
RVing, 4e (Idiot’s Guides) by Brent Peterson
Iran – Culture Smart! : The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Tourism Management in Warm-water Island Destinations by Michelle McLeod, Robertico Croes

2018 | ISBN: 1786390922 | English | 212 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Warm-water islands are a cohesive group of islands distinguished by their geography and remoteness, history as former colonial territories, and dependence on external stakeholders for their economic and social development. Warm-water island destinations also have a year-round tourism industry.
These island tourism destinations are facing unprecedented adjustment challenges in the wake of increasing globalization and susceptibility to external shocks, and are in search of appropriate policy responses to that globalization. It is critical for small islands to understand how these challenges affect tourism performance and how they impact their residents.
Tourism Management in Warm-water Island Destinations unearths the critical aspects that contribute to tourism development and growth in islands. Particular emphasis is placed on destinations such as the Caribbean, with lessons learned that are applicable to other island tourism contexts in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific.
– Presents emerging research themes and methodology;
– Provides insight into factors that result in successful and unsuccessful cases;
– Features a focus on Cuba and its reintroduction to the tourism landscape.
This book provides a platform for emerging systemic perspectives of the various aspects of island tourism, with the view that strategies for the management and development of tourism in island environments can be improved and will be of interest to those studying and researching within destination management.

Global Climate Change and Coastal Tourism: Recognizing Problems, Managing Solutions, Future Expectations by Andrew Jones, Michael Phillips

2017 | ISBN: 178064843X | English | 360 pages | PDF | 19 MB

Climate Change and Coastal Tourism includes case studies on climate change and coastal tourism that explore current threats to and consequences of climate change on existing tourism coastal destinations. It assesses management and policy options for the future sustainability of threatened tourism coastal destinations. The cases discussed are from all regions of the world: Europe, The Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australasia. The book synthesize findings to make recommendations that can be used to promote strategies that ameliorate projected impacts of climate change on coastal tourism infrastructure and in turn promote the future sustainability of coastal tourism destinations.

The Many Voices of Pilgrimage and Reconciliation by Ian S. McIntosh, L. D. Harman

2017 | ISBN: 1786393263 | English | 232 pages | PDF | 10 MB

Reviewing peace and reconciliation, secular pilgrimages, and international perspectives on sacred journeys, this book offers the reader an opportunity to encounter multiple voices and viewpoints on one of the most ancient practices of humankind. With an estimated third of all international travellers now undertaking journeys anticipating an aspect of transformation (the hallmark of pilgrimage), this book includes both spiritual and non-spiritual voyages, such as journeys of self-therapy, mindfulness and personal growth. It also:
– Provides a multidisciplinary perspective, covering themes such as gender, human rights, equality, the environment, peace, history, literature, and politics
– Reflects the rich diversity and multiple meanings of pilgrimage through an international writer team spanning four continents
– Includes case studies of pilgrimage in action from around the world

An innovative and engaging addition to the pilgrimage literature, this book provides an important resource for researchers of religious tourism and related subjects.

RVing, 4e (Idiot’s Guides) by Brent Peterson

English | 13 Feb. 2018 | ISBN: 1465470220 | 352 Pages | EPUB | 10.57 MB

Take the driver’s seat on your very own RV adventures!
There’s something uniquely satisfying about packing your bags, mapping your route, planning your campground stops, and hitting the open road, family vacation-style. And when you travel in an RV, you enjoy all the comforts and conveniences of home while you traverse the great outdoors.
Fully stocked with suggestions for planning and carrying out fun and exciting RV vacations to remember, this handy guide gives you everything you need to know for safe and successful RVing. In it you get:
* Simple steps to finding the right type and size of RV for you and your family
* Smart advice on buying or renting your rig, taking successful test-drives, negotiating price and options, and getting insurance
* A primer on operating and maintaining your rig’s electrical, plumbing, and LP systems
* Pointers for planning a perfect trip, choosing your campgrounds, and even boondocking
* Troubleshooting tips for dealing with bad weather, accidents, breakdowns, and other pitfalls

Iran – Culture Smart! : The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

English | 2016 | ISBN: 1857338472 | 168 Pages | ePUB | 7.5 MB

Iran is rarely out of the headlines, and there is likely to be a rush of interest from tourists and investors if the provisional framework agreement reached in April 2015 is implemented, lifting most sanctions in exchange for limits on its nuclear program for at least ten years. Western fascination with Iran is nothing new. For centuries, foreigners have been entranced by a country that is quite distinct from all others in the region. Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Travelers have long been seduced by the echoes of the extraordinary ancient history contained in the word ‘Persia.’ But Iran is also a modern society that is experiencing great change. Although it is still feeling the effects of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, social restrictions have loosened considerably in recent years. Strict Islamic rules coexist with an increasingly dynamic society driven by an overwhelmingly young population. Animosity toward the West at a political level sits side-by-side with a wholehearted welcome for foreigners as individuals. Culture Smart! Iran takes you beyond the cliches to show how life in Iran really is and how you can feel comfortable in its society. It offers insights into a country full of surprises. Despite Iran’s deep commitment to Islam, the pre-Islamic Zoroastrian past is still part of everyday culture. Its language, Farsi, shares linguistic roots with English and French. It is a country where one of the more genuine democracies in the Middle East is overlaid by an unelected theocracy. And where ‘no thank you’ really does sometimes mean ‘yes please.’ If nothing else, this entrancing, beautiful, and sometimes infuriating place is a country whose inhabitants genuinely wish visitors Khosh amadi!—Welcome!

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