Julia Rothman
Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World

See the world in a new way! Acclaimed illustrator Julia Rothman celebrates the diverse curiosities and beauty of the natural world in this exciting new volume. With whimsically hip illustrations, every page is an extraordinary look at all kinds of subjects, from mineral formation and the inside of a volcano to what makes sunsets, monarch butterfly migration, the ecosystem of a rotting log, the parts of a bird, the anatomy of a jellyfish, and much, much more.

Artillery Through the Ages

Artillery Through the Ages is a history of weapons—of the men who developed them and those who used them in battle. In a small way it is also a history of the environments which nurtured both the men and the developments.

Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy!, Fourth edition (Incredibly Easy! Series)

Now in its Fourth Edition, Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy! contains everything health care practitioners need to review and students need to learn about calculating drug dosages.

This entertaining and informative reference reviews the basic math needed to perform dosage calculation, including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and proportions. It walks the nurse through the interpretation of hundreds of examples of drug orders and the performance of hundreds of complex dosage calculations, and provides information on deciphering difficult abbreviations, dealing with unclear handwriting, reading medication labels, selecting administration equipment, and more. Special elements found throughout the book make it easy to remember key points.

Marshall Wise Alcorn
Resistance to Learning: Overcoming the Desire-Not-To-Know in Classroom Teaching (Education, Psychoanalysis, and Social Transformation)

Taking on the challenge to teaching the “desire-not-to-know” presents, Alcorn examines qualities of student resistance to new and uncomfortable information and proposes methods for teachers and professors to work productively with such resistance.

Research in neuroscience, education, sociology, political science, and the humanities has contributed to a revisionary understanding of how emotion grounds human reason, interaction, and communication. Colleges and Universities produce and distribute information but do very little to ensure that information is effectively assimilated and employed as solutions to real problems. This book outlines an agenda that makes emotional experience central to educational practice.

Geoffrey Poole
Syntactic Theory, 2 edition (Modern Linguistics)

This clear and practical introduction to Syntactic Theory introduces students to theory building, hypothesis testing and evaluation through the framework of Chomsky’s Government-Binding Theory.

Initial chapters guide the student through essential topics such as X’-Theory, Transformations and elementary Binding Theory, progressing to cover more advanced issues such as Reconstruction, the light verb vP and control as movement.

Presenting the core linguistic theory and problem solving skills that are essential to the subject, this updated and revised second edition features:

• New material on the Minimalist Program and Government-Binding Theory
• Expanded chapters on Phrase Structure and Functional Categories
• A wealth of new tree diagrams as well as revised end-of-chapter exercises

The liberal use of in-text exercises engage the reader at every stage of theory-development, while an ‘Open Issue’ at the end of each chapter encourages active participation and further exploration of the chapter’s topic. With an engaging, informal style, Syntactic Theory makes the most difficult topics accessible to a wide range of students.

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