AMD Ryzen 9000 processors will receive an overclocking addition called Curve Shaper

Overclocker 1usmus has reported that the AMD Ryzen 9000 series will receive a new overclocking feature called AMD Curve Shaper. This new feature extends the existing AMD Curve Optimizer, allowing AMD Ryzen users to fine-tune their processors even more precisely to maximize system performance.

The new Curve Shaper feature set from AMD will be available to Ryzen 9000 series users through their motherboard BIOS and AMD Ryzen Master software.

Until now, AMD’s Curve Optimizer technology applied to the entire temperature and load range of Ryzen processors. With Curve Shaper, AMD users will be able to create custom Curve Optimizer parameters across the entire temperature range. This should allow AMD users to squeeze a bit more performance out of their processors while maintaining stability. It should also enable users to tune their systems to minimize idle power consumption and maximize CPU performance under load.

Previously, we had to choose a Curve Optimizer that would be stable at both low and high temperatures across the full load range. In most cases, the limiting factor was high temperature and a low Curve Optimizer. Now, everything will change; we will be able to control the Curve Optimizer across the entire temperature range. — 1usmus

Based on this new information, the AMD Ryzen 9000 series looks to be an exciting release for overclockers. If you enjoy pushing your system to its maximum performance, AMD’s new Curve Shaper technology will be something to watch out for.

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