The first combined vaccine against influenza and COVID-19 has been developed

Scientists at the pharmaceutical company Moderna have developed the first mRNA vaccine targeting both influenza and coronavirus. This combined vaccine successfully completed Phase 3 clinical trials and is awaiting approval from the US regulator FDA. According to Nature, the combined vaccine has shown higher efficacy compared to monovalent vaccines targeting only one virus.

mRNA technology delivers instructions to cells to produce antigens that help the immune system recognize the virus. In the new vaccine, researchers combined instructions for influenza and COVID-19, which promotes a stronger immune response against both viruses.

Success in developing such a vaccine has inspired researchers to add instructions against other viruses, such as respiratory syncytial virus, to create a universal protective vaccine. This is particularly important for elderly individuals and children with compromised immune systems, who are most vulnerable to infections.

Moderna expects quick approval of the new mRNA vaccine for clinical use. This technology is also actively being researched for its potential in cancer treatment, including glioblastoma—an aggressive form of brain tumor—where significant progress has also been made.

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