The new Geely battery has a lifespan of 1 million kilometers, lasts 50 years, and charges in 17 minutes

The Chinese automotive giant Geely has introduced the new Aegis Short Blade LFP battery with an energy density of 192 Wh/kg, a service life of 50 years, rapid charging up to 80% in 17 minutes, and minimal capacity loss in cold weather conditions. The battery can endure 3500 charge cycles, equivalent to approximately one million kilometers of driving. Geely plans to initially deploy these batteries in their Galaxy E5 crossovers and later offer them to other automakers.

Similar to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries used in the base model of Tesla Model 3 and portable power stations like the Anker SOLIX F1200, this technology addresses several issues in electric vehicles beyond cost. The shortened casing allows Geely batteries to reduce internal resistance and improve efficiency. Carbon nanotubes and enhanced protective film facilitate faster lithium ion movement, enabling impressive charging times from 10% to 80% in just 17 minutes. A comparable battery with a longer casing and traditional chemical composition would take 26 minutes to charge under the same conditions.

The Aegis battery demonstrates a mere 10% capacity loss in severe cold, a feat comparable to CATL’s LFP cell introduced last year. By contrast, traditional batteries experienced a drop to 79% charge under similar -30°C temperatures during testing.

To enhance battery safety, Geely engineers have implemented a high-strength, heat-resistant diaphragm and an additional safety electrode to increase charge density and protect against emergencies. Special coatings on electrode surfaces prevent short circuits that may occur from mechanical battery damage.

Geely subjected the new LFP battery to rigorous testing, including exposure to open flames, nail punctures, impacts from 26-ton construction machinery, immersion in aggressive seawater, and operation in extreme cold conditions.

Geely’s initial rollout of these advanced LFP power cells in the Galaxy E5 crossovers marks a significant step forward in automotive battery technology, promising enhanced longevity, rapid charging capabilities, and robust safety features.

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