After 12 years since “Twilight”, Kristen Stewart will participate in a new vampire movie

Kristen Stewart returns to the land of vampires, this time alongside Oscar Isaac. They will star in the film “Flesh of the Gods,” directed by Panos Cosmatos (“Mandy”) from a screenplay by Cosmatos. The producer will be Oscar-winning Adam McKay.

According to the official synopsis, Stewart and Isaac will play Raoul and Alex, “a couple from the dazzling Los Angeles of the 80s, who descend from their luxurious skyscraper every evening and venture into the electric night kingdom.” When they intersect with the mysterious and enigmatic Nameless and her revelers, Raoul and Alex find themselves in a glamorous, surreal world of hedonism, sharp sensations, and violence.”

The film will be Stewart’s first vampire role since portraying Bella Swan in “Twilight”.

“Flesh of the Gods” does not yet have a release date.

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