Filming for “Riddick: Furya” Set to Begin in August

Variety reports that filming for the upcoming movie “Riddick: Furya” will start in August of this year. The film’s development was first announced last year by Vin Diesel. It will serve as a direct continuation of the previous three Riddick films.

Vin Diesel first discussed plans for the film in 2016, three years after the release of the third installment of the franchise. By 2021, David Twohy had written the script and will also direct the project, with Diesel reprising the lead role. In 2021, Diesel announced that the project was “moving towards production,” which was expected to take place in Australia. In May 2022, Diesel shared storyboards for the film.

The film was officially announced on February 11, 2023, under the title “Riddick: Furya”.

In the new film, Riddick will journey to his home planet, Furya, which he barely remembers. Riddick suspects that the Necromongers may have destroyed his homeland, but to his surprise, he encounters other Furyans who are fighting against a common enemy.

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