The animated film “Sausage Party” has received a sequel in the form of an animated series

The animated series “Sausage Party: The Food Utopia,” which serves as a continuation of the original animated film, has released its trailer and will premiere on July 11. All episodes will be available on the Prime Video service on the premiere day, with a total of 8 episodes in the series.

“The movie was just an appetizer. Get ready for some adult storytelling as we follow Frank, Brenda, Barry, and Sammy on their mission to build their own community in Snacktopia!” reads the description of the debut trailer.

The original animated film’s storyline unfolded in a grocery store. Initially, every product in the store dreamed of being picked by a shopper and going home, thinking life beyond the door was paradise. However, they soon discovered that humans bought them to consume them. Throughout the narrative, the main characters dealt with evil humans and seized control of the supermarket. In the serialized continuation, the products decide to build their own society, but the first rainfall adds a disaster movie vibe to their perfect world. After that, the products decide to kidnap a human to teach them how to survive in the real world.

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