“Grendel: Jeff Bridges to Play the Lead Role in Action Movie About Monsters with a Star-Studded Cast”

Deadline reported that Jeff Bridges will play the lead role in a new adaptation of the legendary monster from “Beowulf.”

In the film “Grendel,” the monster from “Beowulf” will tell his version of the story. The director of this new interpretation will be Robert D. Krzykowski. Bridges will be joined by an impressive cast of stars, including Dave Bautista from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Dune: Part Two” as Beowulf, Bryan Cranston, known to fans of “Breaking Bad,” as King Hrothgar, Sam Elliott, Bridges’ colleague from “The Big Lebowski,” will play the Dragon, Thomasin McKenzie, the rising star of “Last Night in Soho,” will play Queen Wealhtheow, and Aidan Turner, known for his work in “The Hobbit” trilogy, will play Unferth.

The director expressed interest in adapting this story for the big screen: “Grendel embodies everything I love about cinema. John Gardner’s ‘Mad Masterpiece’ skillfully shows what it means to be human through the eyes of a monstrous creature. It’s a great honor for me to work with such a wonderful group of storytellers, each of whom strives to convey something amazing and unexpected to the audience.”

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