Chinese AeroHT’s air taxi has passed airworthiness certification

AeroHT, a subsidiary of the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng, has been developing a flying car for 10 years. At a press briefing during the Auto China 2024 car show in Beijing, CEO He Xiaopeng announced that the new electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft would offer an alternative mode of transportation in cities, helping to alleviate traffic congestion.

He emphasized the significant market potential for low-altitude air transport in China, which is currently experiencing rapid growth. AeroHT aims not only to attract corporate clients but also to create mobile solutions for individual users that are environmentally friendly.

In March, the company reported a successful test flight of its AeroHT Voyager X2 model, which flew at low altitude in the business district of Guangzhou. Experts, such as Din Haifen from the financial consulting firm Integrity, note the high investor interest in this new segment of the transportation market.

Government support plays a key role in the development of this industry. Last week, AeroHT signed an agreement with the Panyu district municipality in Guangzhou to jointly develop takeoff and landing sites for flying cars.

Xpeng Robotics, another company in He Xiaopeng’s ecosystem, is developing robots that will be able to perform more household tasks in the future and interact with humans on an emotional level.

Interest in air transport is gaining momentum worldwide, not just in China. German company Lilium and American startup Joby have already attracted significant investments to develop their air taxis, while another German company, Volocopter, plans to offer its services in China.

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