ChatGPT This summer will see the world’s first beauty pageant, “Miss AI,” featuring models generated by neural networks

Artificial intelligence technologies continue to penetrate new industries. Recently, there has been much discussion about AI-generated models, who were created entirely by neural networks and earned significantly more than real women. Now, this phenomenon is no longer surprising; moreover, a separate beauty pageant is being prepared for such AI models. The first “Miss AI” ceremony is scheduled to take place this summer.

The competition for models generated by artificial intelligence was launched as part of the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) initiative. The organizers aim to show that even with the help of neural networks, something unique and beautiful can be created, and there will always be a human behind it. Anyone interested or a whole team that can create an interesting image for the model can participate in the competition. They will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Appearance: classic aspects of spectacle, including their beauty, balance, and unique responses to a series of questions.
  2. Use of AI tools: skills and implementation of the AI tools used, including the use of prompts and visual detail around the hands and eyes.
  3. Their influence on social media: based on the amount of their interaction with fans and audience growth rates.

The prize fund for the “Miss AI” contest is currently estimated at $20,000, but it may be increased by the time of the awards. The ceremony with the finalists is set to be held this summer, showcasing the best works. The quality of the AI models will be determined by judges, including several neural network engineers and the two most famous AI-generated models.

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