Honda Launches Hydrogen-Powered Crossover with Plug-in Charging Capability

Japanese automaker Honda Motor has been involved in the production of passenger vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells since 2002. The last attempt was the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, whose limited production ceased in 2021 as the automaker revised its strategy in this field. However, this year, Honda will introduce a new CR-V crossover model, the CR-V e: FCEV, which will combine hydrogen fuel cells with the ability to charge from an external electric grid. With a full tank, the vehicle can travel up to 600 km. The vehicle will be available in the markets of Japan and California this summer.

The Honda CR-V e: FCEV features two hydrogen tanks: one located under the rear seats and the other in the trunk, together holding 4.3 kg of gas. Additionally, there’s a 17.7 kWh traction battery that can be charged not only from the onboard electrochemical generator but also from a plug socket.

This hybrid represents a unique compromise. On one hand, using the platform of the popular CR-V crossover ensures steady demand for the vehicle and reduces the costs of developing a new model. On the other, the development of a new generation of fuel cells was economically efficient, as technologies were borrowed from General Motors. Ultimately, the vehicle’s ability to charge up to 60 km from standard electric charging stations alleviates customer concerns about the scarcity of hydrogen refueling stations.

A full hydrogen tank can be refilled in 1-3 minutes. This fuel reserve can cover over 600 km, with only water vapor emitted as exhaust. The vehicle’s onboard energy system can also power external consumers with a total power of up to 1500 W, which comes in handy for outdoor recreation and emergency situations.

The Honda CR-V e: FCEV will be available in Japan and California in the summer of this year. The choice of the American state is no coincidence: the local market favors vehicles with clean power plants. Moreover, California already has a developed network of hydrogen refueling stations, facilitating the use of the vehicle for owners.

The price of the Honda CR-V e: FCEV model has not yet been announced.

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