Serafim S3 Cloud Gaming Controller Released in Hong Kong for HK$899 with Zero Drift Joystick

Serafim has just launched the S3 Cloud Gaming Controller in Hong Kong, priced at HK$899. This handmade controller supports thousands of games, including “Genshin Impact,” “Apex Legends,” “Minecraft,” “NBA 2K Mobile,” and “Fortnite,” instantly transforming your phone into a gaming console. With its Hall magnetic induction joystick design, it offers zero drift and zero dead angles, paired with adjustable ergonomic grips, making gaming comfortable without hand fatigue.

The Serafim S3 Cloud Gaming Controller is equipped with various cutting-edge technologies, including Hall magnetic induction joysticks to ensure smooth and drift-free game control. It adopts a Type-C low-latency connection to avoid signal interference and prevent lagging. Additionally, the controller features adjustable ergonomic grips design to accommodate users of all hand sizes comfortably and supports phone fast charging mode, allowing uninterrupted gaming while charging.

In addition to its top-notch hardware, Serafim has exclusively developed the “Serafim Console” application. It supports cloud gaming platforms such as PlayStation Remote Play, Xbox Game Pass, Steam Link, GeForce Now, etc. Users can conveniently manage their game library, record live streams, and edit recordings within the app, eliminating the need to switch between programs and making operation more straightforward.

The Serafim Console also supports Twitch live streaming functionality, allowing players to easily start live broadcasts and share their gaming experiences with viewers. The application is compatible with most Android phones running Android 8.0 or above, and can be installed on devices with USB Type-C ports and OTG functionality. Priced at HK$899, it comes with a pair of thin grips included, suitable for players with smaller hands.

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