How to Properly Store Your Phone During the Hot Summer

Temperature is considered the biggest enemy of electronic devices in general, and phones in particular. Regular exposure to sunlight or high temperatures can significantly affect the user experience and, over time, directly impact the durability and lifespan of the internal components. Here are some methods for storing and using your phone during hot summer days.

Smartphone charging intelligently

Basically, if you are in an air-conditioned environment, you can charge your phone normally without worrying about it getting too hot. However, if you have to charge in a standard room or at public places, there are some things to keep in mind.

Firstly, minimize charging your phone when it’s trapped under blankets or pillows or placed under a mattress. In this situation, the generated heat during charging will have difficulty dissipating due to the blankets and pillows acting as poor insulators. In the long run, this can adversely affect the device’s durability and even cause unintentional fires or explosions. Apple has also issued warnings against this action on their support page.

Secondly, use the charger provided with the device. If not available, users can choose chargers from reputable third-party brands like UGREEN, ANKER, or RAWPower. Additionally, for users of iPhone models from 5 to 14 Pro Max, it’s advisable to use a charging cable with MFi (Made for iPhone) certification for safety.

Try to Store the Device in a Cool Place

Electronic devices are designed to operate under hot and high-temperature environments. However, users should try to store the device in well-ventilated areas to ensure optimal performance.

Firstly, never leave your phone in the motorcycle trunk. This is a closed, poorly ventilated area that can heat up quickly when exposed to sunlight. In fact, there have been cases of motorcycle fires caused by phones unexpectedly exploding inside the trunk. Similarly, users should not place their phones on the dashboard or any areas exposed to sunlight in cars.

Secondly, limit heavy usage tasks when the phone is too hot. If you want to play games or render videos, make sure your device is placed in the coolest environment possible, such as an air-conditioned room or a shaded area. Another solution for this issue is to use a cooling fan. This is a reasonable option for gamers or those who need to continuously use their phones in hot conditions.

Additionally, always prioritize Wi-Fi connections whenever possible. This is because 4G or 5G connections often consume a lot of device resources, causing the device to heat up quickly and drain the battery faster. In major cities, most restaurants, cafes, or bus stations provide free Wi-Fi hotspots, making it easy for users to access. Furthermore, users can disable unnecessary connections like GPS or automatic data synchronization.

Finally, if you continuously use your phone in hot weather, the device may emit an overheating warning. For iPhone, the notification reads “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.” For Xiaomi phones, it’s “Wait until the device cools down to use this feature.”

In this case, users need to pause all heavy tasks that cause the device to overheat. Remove all phone cases, especially leather or fabric ones, which have poor heat dissipation. Then, take measures such as moving to a shaded area, turning on the air conditioning, or using a cooling fan to quickly lower the device’s temperature to a usable level.

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