iOS 17.5 introduces the “Repair Status” option: No need to turn off Find My for device repairs

With iOS 17.5, Apple introduces the new “Repair Status” feature, offering a more convenient solution for iPhone warranty and repair processes. This feature allows users to send their iPhones for repair without needing to disable “Find My” and Activation Lock, ensuring device safety and simplifying the repair process.

When bringing an iOS device to an Apple Store or an authorized service provider for repair, Apple typically requires users to disable the “Find My iPhone” feature to ensure device and data safety. However, with iOS 17.3, this process became more complicated due to the new “Device Protection When Stolen” feature. This feature added a delay in changing sensitive settings, including “Find My iPhone,” leading some customers to wait for an hour at the store before being able to disable this feature.

With iOS 17.5, Apple has addressed this issue. In the new update, users can easily switch their iPhone to “Repair Status” without needing to disable “Find My iPhone” or “Activation Lock.” As a result, you can quickly and conveniently send your device for repair.

To activate “Repair Status,” users simply need to access the “Find” app, select the iPhone needing repair, and use the “Erase This Device” option. Then, the iPhone will automatically switch to repair status, allowing you to send the device to Apple without worrying about security issues.

Benefits of the “Repair Status” feature in iOS 17.5:
– iPhones remain protected by “Find My iPhone” and Activation Lock even in repair status, preventing unauthorized access to the device and personal data.
– Eliminates the requirement to disable “Find My iPhone” before repair, simplifying the process and saving time for users.
– Apple can easily determine device ownership and efficiently conduct repairs.
– iPhones can still be tracked in repair status, providing peace of mind about the device’s whereabouts.

– The “Repair Status” feature currently applies only to iPhones.
– iPhones need to be connected to the internet and trackable via “Find My iPhone” to activate this feature.
– After repair completion, the iPhone will automatically exit repair status.

The “Repair Status” feature is a valuable improvement in iOS 17.5, offering iPhone users a more straightforward, safe, and convenient repair experience. This feature is currently under development and may be released in May.

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