Gina Carano wants to return to “Star Wars”

Actress Gina Carano isn’t in the best terms with Disney, having exited the “Star Wars” universe and filed a lawsuit against the company. However, she still hopes to return to working on the franchise.

In her lawsuit, she expressed her desire to come back. Besides the demand for a $75,000 compensation, it also includes a request to Disney to rehire Carano. As reported by ScreenRant, Carano denies having any issues with Disney and expresses her willingness to return, stating that she only spoke out because she wants the public to know what has transpired since her removal from the franchise.

Meanwhile, Disney asserts its right to terminate the contract with the actress due to her controversial social media posts. Carano, however, maintains that she doesn’t regret expressing her own opinions and thoughts on social media.

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