Apple Pencil Pro Released: Adds Pinch and Scroll Gestures, Supports Find My

At the “Let Loose” event on the evening of May 7th, Apple officially unveiled the Apple Pencil Pro for the new iPad models. The highlight of the Apple Pencil Pro is its ability to rotate the pen body to change the tool direction, provide haptic feedback when pinched or touched, and support the Find feature. Notably, the Apple Pencil Pro is priced at $129.

Regarding design, the Apple Pencil Pro has a matte surface similar to the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and has a flat edge, supporting wireless charging on the side of the iPad. Moreover, the Apple Pencil Pro is equipped with a new sensor inside the body, allowing it to sense the user’s pinch force to display a tool palette. As a result, users can switch between tools, adjust the thickness of the stroke, or adjust colors without interruption during the creative process.

Apple stated that the custom touch feedback system of the Apple Pencil Pro will vibrate lightly to confirm when users pinch, double-tap, or attach to Smart Shapes. Additionally, the Apple Pencil Pro’s rotational feedback allows users to scroll the pen to precisely control the tool being used. Importantly, users can also rotate the pen body to change the direction of pens and brushes, similar to using a real pen. According to the company, users can accurately preview the direction of a tool before marking with the Apple Pencil Glide feature.

In addition to these notable changes, the Apple Pencil Pro is also the first pen to support the Find feature, allowing users to locate its position if it is accidentally dropped or misplaced. Furthermore, the Apple Pencil Pro fully supports features from previous generations, including Tilt to create shadow effects, Double-tap to switch tools, Low-latency drawing and writing, Natural feedback based on user pressure, and more.

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