Many competitors, but why is the Galaxy A55 5G still the number one choice in its segment?

The popularity of the Galaxy A series, including the Galaxy A55 5G, is evident in its sales figures. The predecessor, the Galaxy A54 5G, was among the top 10 best-selling phones in Q1 2024, according to Counterpoint Research. This is a rare achievement for a mid-range phone. With significant upgrades, the Galaxy A55 5G is poised to continue this success.

Unique Features of the Galaxy A55 5G in its Segment

The Galaxy A55 5G stands out in its segment with several unique features that are hard to find elsewhere.

Firstly, it boasts IP67 water and dust resistance, a standard Samsung pioneered with the Galaxy A series back in 2017. Water resistance is a valuable feature for outdoor workers, especially delivery personnel or construction workers.

Secondly, the Galaxy A55 5G is the only phone in its segment with a metal frame, enhancing both aesthetics and durability. Samsung has made the frame stand out with engraved lines and a Key Island, a raised area containing the power button and volume keys.

Thirdly, the device has seen significant improvements in performance and software. The Exynos 1480 chip offers good performance for several years to come, while One UI 6.1 is praised for stability, minimal bugs, and excellent app optimization.

Moreover, with 128GB of standard internal storage and the ability to expand RAM up to 16GB, users can multitask without interruptions. This is particularly important for GenZ users, who are dynamic and seek to maximize their phone’s capabilities.

Finally, the Galaxy A55 5G is one of the rare phones in its segment committed to receiving four major Android updates and five years of software support. This surpasses the usual 1-2 year policy of competitors in the same segment. Additionally, it comes with Samsung Knox multi-layer security, providing users with more peace of mind regarding privacy and personal information.


In summary, the Galaxy A55 5G has received positive reviews for its premium design and consistent user experience across performance, display, and camera. Priced below 500$, it’s a worthy choice for all user demographics, especially the younger generation. Its eye-catching design and stable multitasking capabilities make it the ultimate tool for GenZ users to express themselves confidently.

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