NVIDIA is preparing to unveil the RTX 5090 at Computex 2024

According to Moore’s Law Is Dead, NVIDIA is possibly gearing up to unveil its RTX 5090 graphics card at Computex 2024, as indicated by two sources.

The upcoming NVIDIA RTX 5090 graphics card will be based on the new Blackwell graphics processor architecture. It will be the company’s most powerful gaming product to date, with recent rumors suggesting it will be 60-70% faster than its predecessor. The graphics processor is also set to utilize GDDR7 memory and may be the first graphics processor to launch with PCIe 5.0 support.

Sources from Moore’s Law is Dead claim that NVIDIA plans to release its RTX 5090 in the “third or fourth quarter” of 2024. One source, claiming to work at Nvidia, stated that the new product “will be available in early 2024,” and the RTX 5080 may be delayed until 2025.

Assuming the start date of the fourth quarter is accurate, the announcement at Computex 2024 seems somewhat premature. After all, gamers would have to wait months for the RTX 5090, which doesn’t bode well for potential sales of the RTX 4090.

If NVIDIA plans to launch its RTX 5090 in the fourth quarter of 2024, a showcase at Computex 2024 seems inappropriate, akin to the “Osborne Effect.” In today’s context, this is about the period from announcement to availability. An early showcase of the RTX 5090 would lead to a decline in RTX 4090 sales, so NVIDIA is likely to unveil its RTX 5090 closer to its launch. If the launch is planned for late third or early fourth quarter, showcasing the RTX 5090 at GamesCom 2024 or thereabouts would be more appropriate.

A presentation at Computex would only be appropriate for NVIDIA if they were planning to launch the RTX 5090 in mid to late summer. It remains a mystery why NVIDIA would jeopardize RTX 40 series sales with an early launch of the RTX 50 series.

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