The Swiss army knife will start being produced without a blade

Victorinox, the maker of famous Swiss Army knives, is working on a model without a blade. CEO Carl Elsener revealed this in an interview with Blick.

“Elsener explained that the presence of a blade in the knife leads to the perception of our products primarily as weapons in some markets,” he said.

In England and some Asian countries, knives are only allowed to be carried by those who need them for work or recreational activities. The carrying of pocket knives is restricted in many major cities around the world. Therefore, instead of a blade, Victorinox intends to add, for example, a tool for cyclists to their knives.

This is not the first time the company has faced a situation where the blade of its pocket knife is viewed as a potential weapon. Elsener recounted that after the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, sales of pocket knives plummeted by more than 30%.

Victorinox, headquartered in the city of Ibach in the canton of Schwyz, primarily operates through exports. Only 20% of pocket, kitchen, professional knives, and watches are sold in Switzerland, while 80% are sold abroad.

Victorinox pocket knives became known when American soldiers brought them home as souvenirs after World War II. The company has been operating in Switzerland since 1897, supplying gadgets to the Swiss army and NASA alike.

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