EA pressure forced fans to halt the development of an alternative version of Plants vs. Zombies 3

In the gaming industry, a drama has unfolded: a team of enthusiasts working on creating a fan-made alternative to Plants vs. Zombies 3 was forced to halt their ambitious project under pressure from gaming giants EA and PopCap. The developers of Plants vs. Zombies 3: What Could Have Been announced with heavy hearts the cessation of work on the game after receiving a clear warning about potential legal consequences related to copyright infringement. Unwilling to engage in an exhausting battle with the rights holders, the team made the painful decision to abandon their dream and not release any content related to the beloved Plants vs. Zombies universe.

As it turns out, the bone of contention was not the name of the fan project, but the use of iconic characters from the original game series. EA and PopCap vehemently demanded that the developers refrain from including any recognizable plants or zombies in their creation, which have long been the hallmark of Plants vs. Zombies. This strict condition effectively dashed all the enthusiasts’ plans to create their own vision of the popular franchise.

Initially, the idea of the developers of Plants vs. Zombies 3: What Could Have Been was to create a game free from some of the controversial mechanics present in the official PvZ 3. They dreamed of getting rid of the life system and game bonuses, as well as introducing fresh and engaging elements into the gameplay. However, pressure from rights holders shattered these intentions.

Meanwhile, the original Plants vs. Zombies 3, released in limited access in January 2024, remains the only official game in the series in the foreseeable future. Apparently, EA and PopCap have decided to protect their offspring from potential competitors at any cost, even if those competitors were guided by sincere love for the franchise and a desire to make it better.

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