Players have discovered that the Silent Hill 2 remake uses the map design from the first film adaptation of the horror game

While so-called “fans” of Silent Hill are engaging in toxic discussions about the altered design of one of the characters in the Silent Hill 2 remake and calling for pre-orders to be canceled, real enthusiasts are meticulously analyzing the recent gameplay footage. To the surprise of many users, the developers of the updated edition have packed the game with a wealth of details and references that are already being noted. One of the most interesting discoveries concerns the map in the new Silent Hill 2, which unexpectedly reminds players of the first horror film adaptation from 2006.

A user by the name of Chemi_Ro, while watching the gameplay demonstration of the Silent Hill 2 remake, noticed a leaflet featuring a city map. It turns out that the design of this map was directly taken by the developers from the first Silent Hill movie, released back in 2006.

The fan was able to notice this because he owns the actual prop of the map. In the movie itself, it is barely visible. Its image appears in a deleted scene and only briefly in Rose’s hand in the theatrical version of the film adaptation.

Among other interesting details, users discovered an Easter egg related to Silent Hill 3. In one of the scenes, a poster on a locker can be seen featuring the creepy rabbit figurine.

Such attention to detail indicates that the Bloober Team has approached the creation of the Silent Hill 2 remake with genuine passion. Even if the developers are not fans of the franchise, the number of references found suggests that they have thoroughly studied the history of the horror series.

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