GTA 4 on PC has received a new update that fixes the issue preventing the game from launching on Steam.

Rockstar Games has unexpectedly released a new update for the Steam version of GTA 4, which is now available for download. According to Twisted Voxel, the new patch addresses a peculiar issue in the Steam version of the game, where GTA 4 would not launch unless the Rockstar Launcher was installed.

Notably, this is the second patch released for Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2024, despite the game not receiving any updates for a solid four years prior; the last patch addressed an issue with the Rockstar Launcher that prevented the game from being uninstalled from PCs. All the latest patches can be found at the following address.

Users who have installed the update have confirmed that nothing else in the game has changed, and there is no risk of encountering mod incompatibility: this is a genuine “silent patch” that makes the game accessible to everyone again. Detailed information about all released fixes can be found at the following address.

Continuing on the topic of PC releases, it should be noted that GTA 6 is currently planned for release only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, Take-Two has not ruled out the possibility of its future release on PC.

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