Cut content from The Witcher 3 has returned to the game, resulting in a slightly different ending to “Wild Hunt”

The release of the REDkit toolkit by CD Projekt Red has led to a number of modifications for The Witcher 3 (though they are still in the early stages). We’ve seen the relocation of Vizima and even the recreation of the Old Camp and Khorinis, but one fan has taken it even further. Essentially, they have recreated the final part of the game that was cut by the developers, shedding more light on certain events.

Обзор «Ведьмак 3: Дикая охота»: версии, моды и особенности прохождения игры

**Spoilers ahead!**

In the final version of the game, after defeating Eredin, Geralt finds himself surrounded by monsters. However, at the last moment, Yennefer appears, drags him through a portal, and they end up on Undvik, from where they head to the tower where Ciri is. Originally, however, the scene was supposed to play out quite differently.

In the recreated segment, Geralt wakes up in an improvised hospital in a Nilfgaardian camp on Undvik. Ciri has disappeared along with Avallac’h, and our task is to find her. To do this, we use the Lodge of Sorceresses, members of which end up imprisoned by Emhyr after completing the task.

At this point, we learn that the supposed amnesty given to Yennefer was a lie. Only Triss manages to escape, and that too with the help of an item previously given by Yennefer.

This segment explains why in the final version of the game, we don’t learn what happened to the Lodge during the ending. It turns out that CD Projekt Red originally intended to show us this, but for some reason had to change their plans.

According to players, this was primarily driven by pacing. The sudden slowdown in tempo after the action-packed battle with Eredin could have negatively impacted the perception of the ending.

The recreated scene contains other pieces that will surely interest fans of the game, such as the funeral of Crach. Additionally, the author mentioned that they will prepare a video showcasing other dialogue options.

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