In honor of the anniversary of Diablo IV, players will receive free items, and the game will host the “Goblin March” event

Blizzard has announced that in honor of the upcoming first anniversary of Diablo IV, which will take place on June 6, a special celebratory event called the “Goblin March” will be held in the game.

The festive event will begin on June 6 and will offer players the following exciting activities:

– Until June 13, goblins will appear more frequently in the game, and the number of items dropped by them will be increased. Additionally, goblins will start appearing in pairs and even larger groups.
– Players will receive the “Blessing of the Mother” festive effect. Thanks to this, players will receive 25% more experience and 50% more gold – the effect will last for 10 days.
– The bonuses will apply in both seasonal and eternal worlds at all levels. The “Blessing of the Mother” reward will stack with other effects, such as the “Urn of Aggression.”
– Until June 20, players can receive a free set of customization items from the Diablo IV store:

Additionally, the celebration will also take place in Diablo Immortal to mark the game’s two-year anniversary. Diablo Immortal players will also encounter more goblins in the game and, in addition, will be able to receive a legendary 5-star gem “Ark of Storms” and other bonuses.

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