Riot Games denies new League of Legends anti-cheat system damaging PCs

More specifically, Riot Games’ Vanguard anti-cheat system is said to have disrupted the internal systems of Windows, even rendering computers completely inoperable. Notably, Nick De Cesare – a YouTuber and former professional League of Legends player – stated that both of his computers were severely damaged after updating the game to the latest version. After a few hours of posting an article on X, Nick De Cesare shared that he was able to resolve this issue with his first computer by resetting the CMOS battery (which required enabling UEFI and TPM2.0 in the BIOS). Unfortunately, despite applying the same method, the YouTuber’s other computer remained unable to boot up.

Additionally, many users are accusing Riot Games and the Reddit moderators of League of Legends of removing players’ posts regarding issues related to Vanguard. As of May 3rd, Riot Games posted an article on Reddit to confirm that a series of issues players are experiencing are not related to the Vanguard anti-cheat system. Furthermore, the company stated that only 0.03% of players reported issues related to the new update of League of Legends.

Riot Vanguard is a game security software developed by Riot Games, designed to ensure the highest possible level of fairness in the game. This software was originally integrated into VALORANT when the game was released in 2020. After several delays, Riot Games expanded Vanguard to League of Legends on May 1, 2024, aiming to reduce cheating in the game.


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