The budget of the most expensive game in the world has exceeded $700 million, but its release date is still unknown

The multiplayer space simulator Star Citizen has set a new record: over ten years of its crowdfunding campaign, Cloud Imperium Games has raised over $700 million for the game’s production. It’s worth noting that the project’s budget is funded by user donations.

Interestingly, Star Citizen surpassed the $600 million mark back in August 2023, and in January 2022, the game’s budget was $430 million. This means that approximately $100 million is being added to the project annually.

It’s possible that Star Citizen will become the first game in history to have a budget exceeding $1 billion, especially considering the increasing donation activity from gamers. In May 2024 alone, the game’s budget grew by $10.8 million.

IGN notes that Star Citizen is one of the most controversial projects in gaming history. Over 12 years since the start of its crowdfunding campaign, the game and its standalone story campaign, Squadron 42, have faced numerous delays. The developers avoid giving clear answers about release dates, stating that the game “will be ready when it’s ready.”

Rumors suggest that the full version of Star Citizen will not be available before 2027, as it is still in the “alpha” stage. Meanwhile, the story campaign Squadron 42 seems to be approaching release, with developers reporting the completion of all game features and the transition to the “polishing” phase. However, this process could also take years.

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