The budget for the film ‘Return to Silent Hill,’ an adaptation of the cult classic Silent Hill 2, has been revealed

Soon, another attempt at adapting the famous Silent Hill horror series for the big screen will hit theaters. This time, the adaptation promises to stay true to the source material and follow the storyline of one of the best parts of the series — Silent Hill 2. It’s hard to say how successful the film titled “Return to Silent Hill” will be, but the recently revealed budget is encouraging.

Despite “Return to Silent Hill” being an attempt to adapt a fairly old horror and the film itself belonging to the horror genre, it received a decent budget. According to information from the creators of the film, over $40 million was spent on its production. It’s important to note that this figure covers expenses directly related to filming and movie production, excluding advertising campaigns. For comparison, the budget for the first Silent Hill adaptation was almost the same — $50 million including advertising.

Christopher Gans, who directed the first film based on Silent Hill, is responsible for directing the film. The lead roles in the film went to Jeremy Irvine and Hanna Emily Anderson, who will play James and Mary Sunderland. The film is expected to premiere by the end of this year, possibly coinciding with the release of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

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