OpenAI CEO: GPT-4 Will Look “Awkward” Compared to GPT-5

OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman is confident that GPT-5 will far surpass its predecessor, GPT-4. According to him, GPT-4 will look “awkward, to say the least,” in comparison to the new model. GPT-5 is expected to be a significant leap forward in AI development, with unprecedented power, functionality, and intelligence. Altman states that the new model will be capable of functioning as a “virtual brain.” The exact release date for GPT-5 has not yet been announced.

The AI development company has been at the forefront of the AI industry since the release of the immensely popular ChatGPT. Since then, OpenAI has introduced many other AI-based products. The company’s latest achievement is GPT-4o, an AI model demonstrating incredible programming abilities. GPT-4o can reason based on audio, visual information, and text in real-time, surpassing its predecessors by far. However, GPT-4o appears to be just a precursor to the upcoming revolution. The company is preparing to launch GPT-5, a model that developers claim will exceed all expectations and mark a significant leap in AI development.

In a recent interview, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman discussed future AI developments. He stated that the advanced model would act as a “virtual brain” with “deeper thinking capabilities.” GPT-4 will look “awkward, to say the least,” compared to GPT-5, as the next OpenAI model will be much more powerful, functional, and intelligent.

Sam Altman seems firmly convinced that GPT-5 will be a big step towards creating artificial general intelligence (AGI). AGI involves developing an AI model capable of matching or surpassing human abilities across a wide range of tasks.

Rumors suggest that GPT-5 may be released this summer.

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