The Red Dead franchise has turned 20 years old

The Red Dead franchise is one of the most popular in the gaming industry, second only to Grand Theft Auto for Rockstar Games after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, this series hasn’t always been this big. Starting from humble beginnings, the franchise made its debut two decades ago and celebrated its 20th official anniversary yesterday.

While most gamers are familiar with Red Dead Redemption and its sequel, originally this game was developed by Capcom but was abandoned in 2002. The rights were later acquired by Rockstar Games.

After the release of Red Dead Revolver in 2004, the foundation was laid for decades of success. Despite the first attempt not being the most successful, it gave a taste of the Wild West for Rockstar Games to work with.

Six years later, the studio returned with Red Dead Redemption, elevating the series to new heights. It continued similar themes but significantly expanded the IP in almost every aspect. Mechanics like Dead Eye were also carried over from the original version.

Despite the next installment having to fill very big shoes, Red Dead Redemption 2 exceeded all expectations in 2018 and propelled the franchise forward, selling over 61 million copies.

The game was praised for its unparalleled story, open world that few could rival, and for arguably becoming the best sequel of all time.

With just three games released, the series has already become one of the most successful in the industry, selling over 86 million copies. Moreover, the latest installment has become the 7th best-selling game in history.

One theme has remained constant throughout the twenty years of Red Dead’s existence. The series constantly evolves with each new installment, challenging the very notion of game development and storytelling within them.

The appearance of a new installment is also inevitable: Take-Two expects Rockstar Games to return to the series after the launch of GTA 6. Thus, the saga of this iconic franchise is far from over.

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