The creators of Alan Wake 2 drew inspiration from The Evil Within and are open to welcoming developers from the now-closed Tango Gameworks studio

Today, Microsoft and its gaming division, Xbox, made another controversial decision. Top managers deemed it necessary to dissolve several experienced development studios that had gifted gamers with unique gaming worlds. One of the affected teams was the Japanese studio Tango Gameworks, responsible for titles like Hi-Fi Rush and The Evil Within. Many users on social media have already expressed support for the development team, including official representatives from Remedy. The Finnish studio is ready to welcome all affected programmers and designers.

Remedy Entertainment explained this move by stating that Tango Gameworks’ creativity had greatly influenced the studio’s recent projects. In particular, the recent hit, Alan Wake 2, was created under the impression of the horror series The Evil Within. The team was inspired by the game’s dark imagery and mystical storyline. Additionally, the Remedy team highly praised the unique gameplay in Hi-Fi Rush.

“When developing Alan Wake 2, we drew inspiration from both The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. Both are excellent horror games, and I am very saddened that we won’t see further installments from Tango Gameworks. We have open positions at Remedy, so please reach out to us!” said Kyle Rowley, the game designer of Alan Wake 2.

He also added that such specialists are needed in the modern gaming industry. He, along with Remedy, would be happy to work with the developers from Tango Gameworks who were forced to leave their jobs due to Microsoft’s decision.

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